One of the things I noticed about most homes early in my career: Most people don’t use their front door to enter the home. 

Think about it. When is the last time you carried your groceries in through your front door? There is often a more convenient entrance. Through the garage. A breezeway entrance. The back door. The chimney (okay, maybe not!).

The challenge for you today, because everyone is up for a challenge, is to look at your front door. Cobwebs, chipped paint, rotten moulding. All common issues that stand out. The front door is the first thing someone might see when visiting, and the last thing noticed as they are headed out of your house.

Guests use your front door, which means when you are selling your home the potential buyers are taking that same path. Addressing the focal point of your home now will not only make you feel good about where you live, it just might put some $$$ in your pocket when you sell.

A quick online search states betwen a 50% and 500% return on investment. So much for stats! But take it from me, when I’m standing out front talking with buyers about the house I just showed them and they are staring at the rotten moulding and dead stinkbugs stuck to the door frame – it’s not a good look.

Have fun, and no need to spend big bucks. Sometimes a broom is all you need.


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