One of the great things about the area in and around Pennsylvania’s state capital are the choices for where and how you want to live. We aren’t congested with ~4 million residents in a single town. And while the 717 is no stranger to urban sprawl, local conservation efforts have had a positive impact.

Flying over the Cumberland Valley you’ll notice quite a bit of farmland between towns. Raise your hand if you’ve ever tilled a field or chased a cow in the dark.👨‍🌾

For me, what really stands out and what draws me in are the areas that seem untouched. The blankets of green. Truth is, most of the valley has been logged at one time or other, so endless views of maple, birch and hickory aren’t the norm.

White Rock Acres in Boiling Springs was hit with the Conservation Zoning tag years ago so the neighborhood is being mostly preserved from further extensive deforestation. It’s a great example of how we can still have modern conveniences (think roof, plumbing, etc) without morbidly scarring the land.

We live in a great area, which is one of the reasons why housing inventory is low. But there are some smart options, including building a home in a neighborhood where you can breath.

This is the part of the story where the decoder ring spells Ovaltine. It might be a crummy commercial, but it’s all true and living on one of these two 1+ acre lots just might be what you need.

Asper Dr:
Kuhn Rd:

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